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Hi, I have a couple of queries re albums.  On this site, I used to be able to view my albums from My Page.  But now I cant find them, my photos show as individual ones only.  There is a convoluted way where I click on a photo, and click on the album from there.  Is there a way which I am missing, to easily view one's own albums?


Also I have so far uploaded 26 photos into the Star Ceremony album, but only 20 are showing.  I have  moved the scroll bar to its maximum up and down.  Am I going wrong somewhere?  Else even tho we can upload more than 20, it would seem best to stick to 20 or less.

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Trisha,  I'm new to this photo thing, but when I first started they were in an album and now I don't see album anywhere on mine either.  The few that I have are all in photos too.  I noticed this last week, but just let it slide only because I don't have many.  Perhaps when Melissa see this she'll be able to enlighten us..

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