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Melissa B

Log in on mobile device (phone, ipad, etc). Is anyone having a problem?

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Hi Melissa,


I sent an email yesterday, November 20th to support@sweetcaroline.com about this issue but have not received a reply as of yet. My issue logging on has to do with my Toshiba Thrive tablet running Android version 3.2.1. It's an older model Toshiba tablet and this is the last version I can get on it.  When I type in sweetcaroline.com, I can get to the home page sometimes, other times nothing comes up. When I get to the home page, none of the links work, meaning when I try to type in my userid or password, it doesn't enter anything. Also, if I try to click on photos, videos, blog, etc. nothing works. It's like I have a screen shot but not a working link. I can bring up the site on my Windows pc and my apple Ipad with no problems. Is there any known problem with the older Android versions such as 3.2.1 that are causing a problem logging in and being able to maneuver through the site?.  All help appreciated.


A frustrated long time member


Cathy Crawford


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Hi Cathy!  I had a very busy week and got a day behind on support issues.  I'm so sorry. 


I don't have an android device to test on, but we should be compatible with the following browsers.


  • Internet Explorer 8 and newer
  • Firefox 13 and newer
  • Safari 5.1 and newer
  • Chrome XY and newer
  • Opera 11.6

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