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Adam Randy

Hoping to connect with other ND fans and also introduce them to my own music...PLEASE READ!

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Hello Again Fellow Diamondheads,

Nice to see the new SC site up and running! I see that it's been quite busy here lately, especially with the recent release of Melody Road, ND's various appearances, and the upcoming tour (I will be at the show in Washington, DC on April 4th).

I am hoping to connect with other ND fans and also introduce them to my own music, which is heavily influenced by ND. I am a singer/songwriter (with a lot in common with ND) who hopes to follow in ND's footsteps and fulfill a lifelong dream of sharing music with the world and hopefully making a positive difference!

Please visit my website at www.adamrandy.com to learn more about me and to hear my songs. I am also on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, and more. 

So, if you are open to hearing new music from an artist who is a lot like ND, please check out my stuff. Any comments would be appreciated. Also, would love to talk about ND with other fans and share stories and concert experiences!! 

All The Best,

Adam Randy :)






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