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  1. I clicked on the X on the add, but it closed all the tabs so I could not read the article.
  2. So now we know Katie is responsible for the beard! It looks like it isnt going any time soon then, unfortunately. He certainly has a lot of respect for her as his manager.
  3. I did wonder if it was worth posting after I posted it, there was only basic information in it. Neil is looking good for 74! He has more energy at his age than I have ever had!
  4. 24 JANUARY 2015 Happy birthday, Neil Diamond! As one of the world's best-selling artists celebrates turning 74, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Neil and you… This is what Neil, who is an Aquarius, can be expecting today: People who act with supreme confidence frequently perform acts of supreme stupidity. The doubts, the uncertainties and even the fears that you are now experiencing may not be creating a great sense of pleasure... but, if they are drawing your attention to a genuine cause for concern, they are working in your favour. Only by treating this delicate issue with due deference are you going to safely avoid trouble. That means having the humility to concede a possible error, even if this briefly hurts your pride. American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond first found fame in the 1960s as a songwriter for The Monkees, writing classics such as I'm a Believer and A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You. By 1966 he had signed his own contract and was releasing his first singles. He later moved to a new record label and his sound mellowed. His first major hit single, and a classic still today, was Sweet Caroline, which was based on Caroline Kennedy, after Neil saw a picture of her on the cover of Life magazine. In 1974, Neil won a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe award for his work on the soundtrack to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Throughout the years, Neil continued to release hit singles, and work with stars including Barbara Streisand. He continues to tour and release albums today, and is now the third biggest-selling artist in the world, behind Barbara and Elton John. He is known for wearing brightly beaded shirts on stage. Neil has been married three times, first to his childhood sweetheart,Jaye Posner, with whom he has two daughters. He later married Marcia Murphey, who gave birth to two sons, and in 2011 announced his engagement to his manager, 41-year-old Katie McNeil, in a message on Twitter
  5. REDLANDS >> There is almost no way to fail at pruning rose bushes, local garden expert George Nash said Saturday morning in Sylvan Park — as long as you get in there and do it. About 25 rose enthusiasts jockeyed for position around Nash at the north end of the Elsie Grant Krimm Memorial Rose Garden, watching him make his cuts with long-armed loppers, first clearing old growth out of the center of the plant and then choosing places to encourage this year’s bud growth. “Roses are forgiving,” Nash said. “As long as that rose bush gets a haircut every year, it will do pretty well.” Very few flowers were visible on the rows of bushes, although a few seemed to have been tricked by recent warm weather. Roses rest in the winter, which makes it a good time to clean out old canes that could get in the way of new buds. Sylvan Park’s rose bushes were badly in need of pruning, Nash said, and many needed replacement — but members of the Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society had a not-so-secret ulterior motive in choosing the park for their annual pruning and planting demonstration: bragging rights. “Just wait until you see them on the Fourth of July,” said Barbara Herold, the group’s treasurer. “They’ll be in full bloom then. It’s going to be an absolute blaze of color.” Sylvan Park is the site of the city’s annual July Fourth celebration, so the roses will be well-placed to get a lot of attention. “We want them to put all the other roses in town to shame,” Herold said. To that end, said society President Chris Sedmack, the club donated 40 bare-root roses to replace missing and dying bushes in the garden, asking experts at Parkview Nursery in Riverside to choose especially colorful and fragrant new varieties with some input from society members. “People were looking at all the varieties and saying, ‘Oh, I want Neil Diamond,’ or ‘We have to get Hot Cocoa,’ ” Herold said. Hot Cocoa is a disease-resistant variety with deep rust blooms and chocolate overtones; Neil Diamond is a hybrid tea rose with red speckles. The show biz theme continued: Among the 40 roses planted Saturday were a Doris Day, Barbra Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor. The planting of the new roses was done by Boy Scouts from Redlands Troop 44 — the Eagle Scout project of Redlands East Valley High student Steven Bodine, 16, who didn’t know much about roses before his scoutmaster suggested the project. “Of course, now I know about pruning,” Steven said as that demo was winding up. Fortunately, next came the planting demo. Nash showed the Scouts and rose enthusiasts how to dig the right-size hole — “about a foot and a half by a foot and a half,” he said. He added a cup of rose food and a shovelful of planter mix, and put the roots gently on top. Someone asked about soaking the roots, and he said it wasn’t necessary for these roots. “If you got it from a reputable nursery, it’s just fine,” he said. “If you got it at the hardware store, yes, soak them for a couple of hours. They can get dehydrated.” He moved soil in over the root, leaving the branches above ground. “Then you stamp this ground down,” Nash said. “There — you planted a rose.”
  6. Melissa I see your video is not you tube, every time I try to upload a video which is not you tube it fails, and I get the message "please submit a supported URL". is there a way to get these other videos uploaded? I follow the process in the "add video" section like we are supposed to do. For example this link: http://www.contactmusic.com/video/neil-diamond-seongah-and-jimmy-behind-the-scenes did not upload, I go the message as stated above.
  7. There was a sad story on the previous site, of how a member there posted to Neil's management some of her amazing poetry regarding Neil. They sent a nasty letter back, threatening her with legal action if she ever tried to contact Neil again. I would have been devastated. I wonder why Neil's reaction was so different regarding these 2 communications.
  8. Sky Blues fan Norman Miller borrowed a Neil Diamond song to lament his team’s exile to Northampton last season and scored a winner with the singer. When the star himself read the new lyrics to I am... I Said he was so moved he decided to repay the 73-year-old’s initiative with a personal invitation to his show later this year. It was the perfect Christmas present for Norman who is a big fan of the New York crooner whose most famous hits include Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rosie and the self-affirming I Am... I Said. “I heard the record on the a car radio when City were playing at Sixfields,” retired gas-fitter Norman explained. “I’d been a season ticket holder for ever but I couldn’t bring myself to go to Northampton and when I heard the song I thought ‘this is us’. I got home and wrote down new words to reflect what I thought.” His version included the verses: “Well I am Coventry born and raised but nowadays I’m lost between two hills, “Jimmy’s hill’s fine, but it ain’t my home, “Foleshill’s home, but it ain’t mine no more. “I am I said. And no-one heard, “Not even the chairman, “And I am lost and can’t even say why… “Leaving me lonely still. “I am I said, to no-one there “And no-one heard it at all, “I am I cried, I am said I “With blue ribbons all round, “The City calling me home…” He sent the lyrics to the singer’s managers in America and was astonished to get a reply from Madison Avenue saying that Diamond sympathised with his plight and hoped one day to visit the Ricoh if the team returned. “When City came back this season I emailed him again to tell him that his hopes were realised, the Sky Blues were back, “ said Norman, a father of three who lives with his wife Mary in Binley Woods. Shortly before Christmas, Norman received a parcel from the veteran singer, once dubbed the Jewish Elvis, containing a signed baseball and two tickets for his show plus pre-performance drinks and food at the NEC in July. Norman – known as Red Card Norm for the mischief he causes – kept his correspondence a secret from his wife and then sprang the surprise as a cracker of a present on Christmas Day Now he’s hoping the icing on the cake will be a chance to meet his inspiration in person.
  9. I hope you and your family have a great New Year Melissa
  10. I dont understand either! But it seems like this normally happens with a tour, it happened with Rod Stewart as well. No doubt there are reasons that showbiz insiders understand.
  11. Preston law firm Harrison Drury has been appointed to provide legal advice for singer-songwriter Neil Diamond's concert in Blackpool next year. The firm is to advise Blackpool concert promotes Cuffe and Taylor on its agreement with the star, who is one of the best-selling artists of all time, and also with Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road ground where the concert will take place. It follows Harrison Drury's appointed to provide legal advice to Cuffe and Taylor when it put on a series of Rod Stewart concerts earlier this year. David Edwards, associate solicitor at Harrison Drury, said: "Neil is one of the biggest selling artists of all time and it’s been a privilege to assist Cuffe and Taylor in bringing him to Blackpool for what I’m sure will be a great show." Peter Taylor, co-founder and director of Cuffe and Taylor, added: "This will be a massive event not just for Blackpool but the entire North West. He is only playing nine other dates in the UK so the fact his only outdoor stadium concert of the whole tour is in Blackpool is great news for the region. "We enjoyed great success with our first ever gig at Blackpool FC when we brought Rod Stewart earlier this year. That concert was extremely well received and we are delighted we can return with such a high profile world-class legend."
  12. Blackpool generally is the venue for has beens and tribute acts, it's never been known for an international superstar to appear there. But things are changing now... I hope Blackpool can revive it's fortunes, it's been run down for so long, there is a lot of poverty there, it has always tried to become the Las Vegas of the UK, but that is never going to happen. It has got a lovely sandy beach tho.... it would be great for it to become a successful resort, but it has a long way to go.
  13. It is confusing, I made the same mistake on the old site. You click the "follow" button in order to follow, but then it changes to "unfollow". On the old site, I thought that meant you aren't following when the button shows unfollow, but in fact it means you are, it's the same here - so if your button shows "follow", you arent following so you need to click it.
  14. In fact there are still tickets for sale, and front row too for £350! If only I had pots of money! It's ironic because a while ago on the old site, there was publicity re "Neil Diamond" at Blackpool, I was saying it must be a tribute act as the real Neil Diamond would never appear at Blackpool - and now he is!
  15. I have not been able to upload the video, I get the message that the url is not supported http://www.cbsnews.com/news/neil-diamond-reflects-on-career-and-new-album-melody-road/ Neil Diamond hasn't stopped writing songs since he first picked up a guitar in the 1950s. The singer, known for his stadium-sized anthems, has released his 32nd album, 50 years after he left Brooklyn to become a songwriter, reports CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason. "The subway station there," Diamond told Mason, pointing, "I shined shoes in front of that subway station. It was my first entrepreneurial position." Brooklyn is where he found his first job and went to high school at Erasmus Hall. Last month, the singer, who's sold out stadiums around the world, returned to a high school stadium to play his first concert ever in Brooklyn. "It was overwhelming," he said. "First of all, because you're not only performing to an audience, you're performing at a place that you inhabited when you were 14 years old. So everything broke through my mind. I'm singing a song and I'm thinking about being late to school and being in detention for an hour in that assembly room." He said it's that same room where he made his lifetime career decision. "The decision was to stop studying guitar and start studying piano," Diamond said. In detention that day, the teenage Diamond saw another boy practicing a classical piece on piano, and it opened up his musical world. "Suddenly I was not just playing folk music anymore," he said. "I was playing Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Debussy. That assembly room kind of changed my life." Diamond, who's written more than 40 top-40 hits, has just released "Melody Road," his first collection of original songs in six years. He confessed writing is harder now because he doesn't want to repeat material from his previous 31 original albums. And even though he has little to prove to a world enthralled by his music, he still works to make each one his best. "Well, I do know that I'm putting my name on it," he said. "So this is important to me. I don't want people to say, 'Well, you know, he was better in the '70s.' That's scary." Even with all his success, Neil Diamond admitted he still seeks approval from a higher authority, his 96-year-old-mother, Rose. "I do," he said. "She's got to hear them. Not only does she want to hear them, but something in me makes me want to go to her and play them. I don't know if it's because when I was a kid and started writing, she was the only one who would listen." And he assures, she's always been truthful about her opinions. "She's been brutally honest," he said. "And most of the time I don't like what she says. I resent it." It's her criticism that sticks out in his mind. "She's told me terrible things," he said. "'Why do you always do that with your voice over there? Why do you need to do that?'" Nevertheless, he said his mother's opinion matters more than ever. Now 73 years old and still one of the world's top drawing live performers, Diamond will hit the road behind his new record. "I have to because if I want to maintain any self -- I don't know why I have to," he said, struggling to explain his desire to continue performing. Calling it "tedious," he admitted there are certainly difficult aspects of performing, but there's more to it that keeps him going. "It's a joyful experience for me when you get on stage and you're up there alone with your audience," he said. "It's a perfect couple." He said that kind of relationship is a romance that never fades. "It has not faded for me," he said. "It's fearsome and scary and joyful and delicious, all at the same time." © 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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