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  1. I miss this site as I joined when it first started. I used it a lot and I chatted to people regularly. I think the problem for me, not being very technical, was in the latest iteration I found it difficult to understand how to post things to the site. I can’t be the only one who had problems. I think that was why people turned to Facebook. Kind regards
  2. I have 2 tickets to sell for the concert on the 11th July. They are in block 5 Row L. If anyone is interested please send me a private message.
  3. I agree with Sue and Cherry Melissa. It's the one thing that I miss from the old site too. It's really good that you're trying to sort it for us. Thank you xx
  4. Good news tht we're going to get a chat facility. I always use the computer rather than a mobile device.
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