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  1. Melissa and all, here's some inside photos https://www.trulia.com/blog/celebrity-homes/neil-diamond-house-malibu-ca/
  2. just looking around to see if I might be missing any new posts on the site - welcome Shylo to SC
  3. The 75th is called a Diamond Anniversary birthday - how fitting . I see no activity on Neil's FB page or twitter. I hope he is enjoying this birthday.
  4. hard to lose a little angel - baby angels can help... Happy Holidays, Melissa !
  5. you mean 'my' song really is about ____________? and the story about Longfellow Serenade is true ? OK, I think we need to start a discussion of each one of his songs... that should take us until ???
  6. thanks for the reply Linda - I got a mass email from IAIS and they didn't really elaborate on whether it works with a laptop. I feel like we're missing out ;( Anyone else know more ?????
  7. good article - thanks for posting Linda
  8. Is it possible to use Periscope on a laptop ? Don't have a smart phone or Tablet
  9. Shilo was what I heard first, then I saw him and well, I was a believer...
  10. sorry for the double post, Melissa...I need to remember I can now access this discussion board and check posts
  11. good goin , Neil Wish I could attend this one...
  12. Melissa B - I logged out and logged back in and I am in the Forum
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