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  1. Losing a pet is never easy. I just lost my 16 year old grey kitty, Sadie last week-end, so I feel your pain. This new puppy is adorable and I can see why he stole your heart. Hope he brings you lots of joy
  2. Hello Everyone: Just curious if any of you have received renewal notices from FOND for the membership fee that also includes a new photo of Neil and the calendar. I have not received my yet, just curious if they are doing that any more or if because of all the touring they are a big behind. Any ideas? Pat Lawrence
  3. Pat Lawrence

    Review: Neil Diamond sparkles in Dallas

    Love this review. Have been unable to attend any of Neil's concerts this year, but I did play the 2008 DVD last night and imagined myself in Dallas watching our favorite guy do what he does best. Still rockin' after all these years. Pat Lawrence