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  1. I am very happy to have the site restored to the way it was before it went down Melissa. I know we can't revert to the original but it is the next best thing:) I kept up to date with all things Neil using that site and miss it. Christine
  2. I kind of agree with Cherry. I miss the old site! Glad to see SC back-I was wondering where it went! Thanks Melissa for working to restore at least a part of it for us.
  3. Thanks Linda for posting this new-to-me clip. I love that Oprah is so starstruck...just like the rest of us! I am having shrimp (we call them prawns over here) for Christmas, so I will be smiling everytime I ask someone if they would like a shrimp! xxx
  4. Thanks Linda! We will miss him that's for sure xxx
  5. Thanks Linda for the post and the advice...I'll get it figured out one day! Only one more night to go!!! xxx
  6. You will have to copy and paste the link into your browser. Couldn't work out how to put in the link so you can just click on it...sorry
  7. I haven't seen this review before but I have seen the documentary it refers to and, as a fan, I loved it! Thanks for posting Linda xxx
  8. Thanks for posting Linda, we are starting to get a lot of Neil being played on the radio over here in the lead up to his upcoming tour. Can't wait!!!!
  9. As far as my German goes, these reviews are just fantastic!
  10. Once again Linda thank you for posting. This one got me all teary because Neil has a way of bringing people together and making them feel "so good so good" and this article was spot on! x
  11. Holly Holy when it first came out. I was 12 and it made a huge impression on me as it was so different to anything else being played at the time. I had to find out more so I discovered Neil Diamond and was hooked!
  12. Thanks Melissa. I can't wait til I see him in October!
  13. Thanks Linda for posting. Great article, despite the author's criticism of the beard and his newer songs. I give him 100% for the sheer energy and dedication to his fans!!...oh yes, and the hundreds of brilliant songs that he has written and sung so well over the last four decades!!
  14. Sounds like it was written in another language first then put into Google Translator!!! Weird...
  15. Thanks for posting Linda...what a great review...naturally!! xxx
  16. Front row seats were $800 in Adelaide which completely shocked me!!! Gone are the days when queuing up early to buy at an outlet got you front row at a reasonable price. Needless to say I won't be anywhere near the front this time
  17. What a marvelous story, thanks for posting Trisha. It's stories like this that just reaffirm what we already know about Neil and why we love him xxx
  18. My NEW favourite album right now is Gold. The postman just knocked on my door and hand delivered my record ordered from the USA. We are in the middle of a massive thunder and lightening storm...guess what is now replacing the sound of that thunder?!!!! Yep, Neil full blast...the thunder doesn't stand a chance!!! xxx
  19. I agree Shilo, at the time I thought he was incredibly cool and daring...had to use the headphones so my parents couldn't hear the Pot smokers Song!
  20. Mine has THOSE EYES!! I spent many an hour just staring into them way back then!
  21. I still love listening to the first ever album I had...Shilo,( the one with all of the dots joining to make up Neil's face on the cover). Those early songs never grow old to me...although I do agree with you on the Stages album Melissa:)
  22. Neil's up to 75% now!
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