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  1. Just to show you I can utilize this I can answer your question. Neil's last tour was the end of last year. He finished in Austraila in mid November. Remember he toured just about most of the year with a few breaks in between.
  2. Melissa, Thanks for this info. Now we know what Neil has been doing all this time. Wrapped up in his music!!!!
  3. They are both great!!!!! Enjoy!! I can never get enough of watching the 2008 one..
  4. Shylo, Upon reading your story may I make a suggestion to you - buy the DVD "Hot August Night" NYC 2008. I suggest this because this will really make you see and understand more of what a great singer/songwriter ND really is And, what a fabulous performer he is. Trust me it'll be money well spent.
  5. Forgot to mention re #12 the video of Neil back in his old school shows our very own SC fan "JackieB" and her hubby loud and clear!!!!!
  6. Interesting tidbits with videos for your enjoyment: http://www.avclub.com/article/coming-america-part-2-12-more-pivotal-moments-life-221396?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ShareTools&utm_campaign=default
  7. This was on FB and wanted to share with you. Once you get past Oprah's chit chat Neil comes on. Ir's great and he looks so handsome!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/michael.gmyrek/videos/10205634265712294/?theater
  8. Here's some more and includes some of his tour pics!!! http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/neil-diamond?editorialproducts=entertainment&family=editorial&phrase=Neil%20Diamond&sort=best&excludenudity=true
  9. Here's some photos for you all to enjoy: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/neil-diamond-chats-with-the-cast-backstage-at-the-hit-news-photo/501834758
  10. We sure will Christine! On another note - how was your daughter's wedding? Plenty of Neil music??????
  11. Melissa, No wonder he won your heart - he's adorable. I know it's rough when you lose a pet (in your case many pets), but now you can try to put it behind you and have fun with Bentley. Again, he's the cutest!!!!!! xxx
  12. Neil thanking everyone. In case some of you have not seen it yet - here it is: https://twitter.com/NeilDiamond/status/666755556829323264/photo/1
  13. Probably busy wrapping up the tour. I know this terrorism goes right to his heart as it does to all of us. He may still make an acknowledgment when he returns to the States???
  14. Here's another great review: http://www.perthnow.com.au/entertainment/confidential/neil-diamond-still-sparkling-at-sandalford-estate-concert/news-story/c340ab58ec75bb2b7a4b90524a71c8ff
  15. Your welcome! Sometimes it's just a matter of searching around. After I told you to contact Melissa I then remembered I had done this recently. That's when I decided to go back and look around for you. Glad to help!! Have a great weekend!!!!
  16. Barbara, Your best bet is to contact Melissa as she is the Admin of this site and she can advise you what to do.
  17. Diana, I believe it was his recent concert because of the setlist and they indicated his age. He was not there in March because he was here in the States. I saw that date and I don't know why it was there - perhaps a clerical error???
  18. "Hell Yeah"!!!! And i love the pics that have been included in some of these reviews!!!!
  19. Great review with pics!!! http://amnplify.com.au/cpt_reviews/neil-diamond-brisbane-entertainment-centre-boondall-031115-live-review
  20. Sue, I don't think you're alone on this one. Although, since it's now November you have a king wait until next October????? xxx
  21. I thought it was heartwarming myself and it was so nice of Katie to get Neil to personally sign the tour book fr her. It shows how great a guy he is????? xxx
  22. Hey Sue, Why should I mind?? I just posted the article for all to enjoy. Feel free to do whatever makes you happy. Especially since you always come up with some "fab" pics. Have fun!!!! xxx
  23. Your welcome!! Anytime I can help I'm here. Make sure you rest up before you go you're going to need all that energy for the show. I can truly understand how excited you must be???? Have fun!!!!! xxx
  24. Glad you enjoyed as much as I did. I love to share whenever these reviews come across me especially when they are as nice as this one. xxx
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