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  1. Oh, thank you, Linda. Actually, I forgot to mention I purchased that as well, along with the Thank You Australia Concert - Live 1976. I watched the latter, which was awesome, but haven't watched the Hot August Night DVD yet.
  2. Well, since I am new, not just to this fan site, but also a new fan of Neil Diamond, I would love to read other fan's stories of how they became a Diamond Head or Diamond Girl, whichever you prefer. Have you been a fan through his entire career? How did you discover his music? Did your love for his music slowly grow over time, or was there just a moment when it hit you and you realized what you had been missing? Or tell me about your first time seeing him live. I would love to hear those stories, as I have never been to a ND show. I'll start with my story. Mine is kind of boring, but I hope to read more interesting ones. Many, many years ago (well, over 20 years ago, I guess that's many) I remember hearing Neil Diamond songs here and there on the radio and thinking that he was a boring adult contemporary artist. I could take him or leave him, and actually would some times rib my mother a bit for thinking he was good. Now, some years later, maybe 10 or so, I remember watching tv and a live performance of I Am...I Said came on the air The only other thing I can remember about the experience is how much the song moved me, and how much I understood the loneliness expressed, the soul's desire to be someone who matters. That song put the ache of who I am into words and melody so perfectly. After that, I never did rib my mom again for liking his music. But that wasn't when I became an actual fan. This past Christmas, I was looking for some music to buy with an Amazon gift card. I thought of ND, and remembering that I had always enjoyed the few songs I knew by him, I thought I might try his 2 disc All The Best Of. So I went onto YouTube and started listening to I Am...I Said. I hadn't listened to it in years. It still brought to tears. Then I tried Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon. It was then I REALLY started listening. I had never realized before how SEXY his voice is. He really does, he has the sexiest singing voice I have ever heard. And his songs, they are all about love, loneliness, and finding connections, something that every human being can understand. (And now I'm gushing, I guess.) Then I listened to Shilo, and was surprised that I actually knew the song. So yeah, at that moment I did purchase All The Best Of. And when I listened to it the first time, I was again shocked that I knew almost every song and LOVED everything I heard. It seems I was a ND fan all these years without even knowing it. Since Christmas, I have purchased almost all of his albums (studio and live) on CD, and have been kicking myself that I didn't learn to appreciate him years ago. Anyway, that's my story. I hope others would like to share theirs.
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