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  1. BTW, that was for "electronic tickets"...probably would be higher if they actually had to print you a paper ticket...lol!!!
  2. I saw some seats at the Brooklyn venue going for $900.00 each on that link posted in this forum message today for seats in section 7 (on the right side section of the stage) on Row 7...If that is a sales drop, I'd hate to see what the "before sales drop" price was...lol!!!
  3. Great interview! I love where he says he gets stronger as the tours start. I think he will have a blast on this tour and so will all the fans!
  4. Happy 2015 to you Melissa! We have so much to look forward to this year! It will be a great year for SC!!!
  5. Melissa, I'm having the same problem as Sue when it comes to scrolling through the photos in my photo box when trying to add photos to other people's profiles when using Grafitti. I only am able to scroll through the 16 photos that come up within the photo box, and cannot scroll past those 16 photos, nor can I see a way to get to the other photos within the Grafitti photo box. I am using a LG 4LTE tablet. I have Chrome and Foxfire browsers on my table and have tried to use this feature using both browsers and it gives me the same result both ways. This is the only place that I have this problem on the site. I hope the programmers can figure this one out for us. Melissa, thanks for all you and the programmers are doing to get all these little bugs cleared up!-Betty
  6. I'm also having the same problem that Sue is now having...meaning I can now scroll on the 16 photos I can see from my photo album entitled, "sc4diamond's photos", but like Sue, I have 91 photos in that photo album spread over several pages in this album with the option of "next" or "previous" not being there. This also only happens to me on the Grafitti wall, my photos page also works pefectly within other areas of the site.
  7. I'm on a LG 4G LTE Tablet and have the same problem as Sue. Can't scroll photos in the photo box in Grafit tool. Can this be fixed so we can scroll and see our other photos???
  8. Only on my mobile device since this is my only source of internet.
  9. Melissa...When I pull up the grafitti section to add photos to someone's page, I get the message in a big gray block that says this plugin is not supported....
  10. It is strange...hmmm! Yeah, I tuned in to Monday's show and Taylor Swift was on there for the entire hour. Oh well, maybe there was a scheduling problem....
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