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  1. NEIL DIAMOND TRIBUTE ALBUM BY ADAM RANDY Hello everyone, When I first heard that Neil Diamond was going to do a 50th anniversary tour this summer, I decided that I wanted to finally do a tribute album and including a collection of my favorite ND songs (although there are so many to choose from). So over the past six months, I have been recording and mixing my favorite songs in my home studio (using basic backing tracks, and adding lead and backing vocals, additional instrumentation and effects). I have put many, many hours into this endeavor (which by the way is a side project at this time and not for financial gain at all), and it has truly been a labor of love!! I am still writing and recording my own songs and hope to release those in the coming months ahead. So please check out the ND songs, which I have posted on my YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIPFeBGOzGdGUZ2WoomVoxOlFC3a-X8GP Let me know what you think! Meanwhile, I will be celebrating my wedding anniversary on June 9th at the Royal Farms area in Baltimore with...NEIL DIAMOND! Third row tickets in the center on the floor. What a magical night this will be...I can't wait. Thank you all for your continued support as I continue to write, record and perform, and ultimately follow my heart and pursue my dreams in music!!! Yours, Adam Randy www.adamrandy.com www.facebook.com/adamrandymusic www.youtube.com/adamrandyvideos
  2. "The Feel Of Neil" The power of music has had a profound effect on me ever since I can remember. I recall listening to some of the greatest bands and artists of the 60s and 70s growing up, and being fascinated with all of the different sounds coming out of our stereo (if I recall, we had a Pioneer system with an old Marantz turntable). Back then, it was 33's, 45's, Eight-tracks, and cassettes. I still remember going to the record store as child (places like Kemp Mill, Waxie Maxies, Peaches, Sam Goody, and Tower Records) and buying the newest release from one of my favorite my bands or artists, and paying only a few bucks. Wow, times have certainly changed!! Of all the different music I was exposed to, the one individual that had the greatest impact and who shaped my musical tastes for years to come was Neil Leslie Diamond. I first discovered my love for Neil Diamond's music with albums like "I'm Glad Your Here With Me Tonight" and "12 Greatest Hits." I still recall bopping along to "Dance of the Sabres" and "Desiree," and singing along with infectious tunes like "Sweet Caroline" and "Song, Song Blue." As the years went by and I reached my teenage years, I started getting into the the latest musical trends of the 80s, including New Wave, Old School Rap, and Top 40 (I never missed Kasey Kasem's weekly countdown on the radio). But I always remained a Neil Diamond fan and casually kept tabs on his newest releases. As music started changing in the late 80s/early 90s (including new rap and hip hop, as well as grunge/alternative), I decided to revisit some of that old music I grew up with, and that is when I truly discovered "The Feel Of Neil" in all its glory, and I finally decided to immerse myself in Neil's music once and for all. I remember one day as a teenager, my father handing me (as a gift) my very first Neil Diamond CD "Hot August Night II." I must have played that CD dozens of times, hearing all of the those songs and beginning my journey to becoming a true Diamondhead. I even remember when I had the chicken pox and couldn't even get out of bed. I was listening to my Sony Walkman (remember those?) and the radio tuned to an oldies station, when all of a sudden, I heard a song that perked me up and made me feel like dancing! This was the first time that I heard the original recording of "Cherry, Cherry" and man, was I hooked!! So, after recovering from my illness, I went out and bought "Neil Diamond Classics: The Early Years" as well as "Hot August Night." Those three CDS (Classics and HAN I and II were played constantly). Meanwhile, I started learning more about Neil Diamond, and discovered that he and I had several things in common, including our solitary personas and being melancholy individuals, our religious upbringing (Jewish), and family roots (like Neil, my family was from NYC, lived in the same areas as Neil did, and even went to the same schools). The more I learned about this man, the more I admired him as a human being and not just as a singer/songwriter. I had many ups and downs in my life, and Neil's music was there front and center through much of my formative years, and I can honestly say that his songs got me through some very tough and trying times! I had taken lessons for various instruments as a child (including piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet) but didn't stick with any of it. In my senior year of high school, I decided to take a music fundamentals/basic theory class, and I started learning to play the keyboard. That really opened my eyes and made me realize how much fun playing music could be, especially learning to play some of my favorite tunes on the keyboard. Around that time, a friend of mine suggested that I try my hand at songwriting. I had always been a great writer in school, including winning awards for creative writing, so I said what the heck, and gave it a try. I started writing lyrics first (they were pretty bad to start with, but I got better) and eventually started composing melodies on the keyboard, and then combined lyrics and music together. I was definitely on to something! I gained confidence in my writing and playing, eventually taught myself to play acoustic rhythm guitar, and was on my way. After several years of writing, doing home demos, and studio demos, I recorded and released my debut CD in 2012. To this day, I still listen to Neil Diamond's music (both the old stuff and new releases), have pretty much every album he has ever released (vinyl, cassette, and CD), have seen him in concert several times, and even have a few noteworthy collectibles (including a couple of very rare items). As I continue my journey as a singer/songwriter and look back on my life so far, I can say with great pride and humility that I have come a LONG way, and owe so much to "THE FEEL OF NEIL!!!" ~AR
  3. Hello Again Diamondheads, I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to all those who read my previous posts and either checked out my music or contacted me directly. I am so glad you like my songs and I truly appreciate your positive comments and encouragement (including comparisions to ND)!! For those who have not yet visited my website or checked out my music, please visit www.adamrandy.com, where you can hear songs from my debut CD and view my performance schedule. Also, make sure you check out my blog, which includes a special entry all about Neil Diamond and his profound effect on my life and music career. In addition, if you like what you hear and sign up for my mailing list, I will send you a FREE download of one of my songs. Anyway, I thank you once again for your support, it means a lot. I look forward to seeing ND in Washington, DC on April 4th and sharing in the joy that his music brings to so many!!! Warm Regards, Adam Randy www.adamrandy.com www.facebook.com/adamrandymusic
  4. Hello Again Fellow Diamondheads, I will be returning to NYC to perform at the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) Festival on Saturday, November 8th, at 2:45pm. The show will be held at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn. Tickets are $10 each. For those in the NYC area, hope you can attend....would love to meet you! I will be doing my originals and of course will include a medley of ND songs in my set. For more info about this event, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Pop-Overthrow-Music-Festival/8753580978 http://internationalpopoverthrow.com/ http://barmatchless.com/events.html Warm Regards, Adam Randy www.adamrandy.com www.facebook.com/adamrandymusic
  5. Hello Again Fellow Diamondheads, Nice to see the new SC site up and running! I see that it's been quite busy here lately, especially with the recent release of Melody Road, ND's various appearances, and the upcoming tour (I will be at the show in Washington, DC on April 4th). I am hoping to connect with other ND fans and also introduce them to my own music, which is heavily influenced by ND. I am a singer/songwriter (with a lot in common with ND) who hopes to follow in ND's footsteps and fulfill a lifelong dream of sharing music with the world and hopefully making a positive difference! Please visit my website at www.adamrandy.com to learn more about me and to hear my songs. I am also on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, and more. So, if you are open to hearing new music from an artist who is a lot like ND, please check out my stuff. Any comments would be appreciated. Also, would love to talk about ND with other fans and share stories and concert experiences!! All The Best, Adam Randy www.adamrandy.com www.facebook.com/adamrandymusic
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