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  1. Lol Linda!! I'd wait Forever!!!! Xxx
  2. Hey Linda, thanks & what fab photos!!! I'm going to use them in a pic if you don't mind!!! Love, Sue xxx
  3. How lovely!!!! I would like to think I was still seeing Neil at 83!!!! It wont happen, but what a wonderful thought!! Good Luck to Glad!!! Thank you Neil & Katie, & thanks for posting this heart-warming story! Xxx
  4. Great review Linda!! Thanks so much for posting....Neil just goes on getting better & better!!! And I'm one of those ladies who wouldn't mind a "Hot October Night" with him!!!!! Lol!! Xxx
  5. Loved reading this! Thanks for posting Linda. Xxx
  6. Fantastic review Linda!! Our Guy is going from Strength to Strength!! Thanks for posting. Hugs, Sue xxx
  7. Great Melissa!! I can now comment here at last! Thanks for sorting out the problem. Hugs, Sue xxx
  8. Hi Melissa, I still can't scroll through my photo albums using the grafitti wall on my iPad. If I go to a friends page & want to give them a photo gift, I can only see the first 16 photos in an album of 120!! So my temporary answer to this has been to create more albums where I can see just 16 on each!!! I can scroll fine otherwise...this is purely using the grafitti wall. Thanks for any help!
  9. So do I Melissa, I'm so happy you're trying to get our "Beloved Photos Page" back as it was!! We all had such fun with happy banter below certain photos!!! It was almost the "Communication Hub" 'for us! Hope you're successful!! Thanks for trying for us. Hugs, Sue xxx
  10. I'm on an iPad Air2 & when i go to photos on the Grafitti Wall I can't get them to scroll from my album "Sue's Photos". I can get it to scroll & show the first 16, but I have over 100 photos spread over 6 pages in this album & the page numbers, which are usually at the bottom of the page with the option of "Next" or "Previous" is not there! This only happens on the Grafitti wall, my photos page works perfectly.
  11. I'm on an iPad & when I want to add a photo onto a friends page using the graffiti wall, my photos page appears for me to choose one, but they wont "scroll" so I only have about 12 to choose from!! Can anything be done to fix this?!!
  12. I Love "Neil Diamond Love Songs" & of course, I adore "The Jazz Singer Sound-Track". "Hello Again" is my favourite song of all.
  13. He gets My Vote Everytime!!
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