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  1. These ae some great pics of Neil. He looks happy and well. Thanks for sharing, Linda. Hugs, Maggie M ;-) Hi Cherry!
  2. I guess my favorite is "Stones" because it not only contains my fav song--Stones, but also because it was my first Neil Album. But I have to admit the the album/CD I listen to the most is Original HAN. Whaaa! The first disc of the remastered 1999 release. It's hard to stop listening to it.
  3. Voted! As of this date Neil is still holding onto the 75% with only one other fellow getting anything else. This proves it...We need more Neil on the radio in the morning! I hardly ever hear his music on the radio--it's a very rare occurrence. And it never fails to put a big, goofy grin on my face. :-D MM
  4. Love the quote, Shilo, one of my top fav songs by Neil. I think better than many of his hits. Hugs, MM
  5. Melissa, for the first time in days I had something on my page carry over to the next. Huzzah!
  6. TotallyOz, Were you never a member of Sweet Caroline before the change to this new site? If not, then Welcome! We're a happy and supportive group, glad to have you aboard! Maggie M (aka MM)
  7. Yeah, that's a good description alright. Poor Nigella, she's missed out on so much. Thanks for posting this Melissa! Hugs, MM
  8. I liked this article. Neil's either getting better interviewers or getting better at giving interviews--maybe a little of both. Thanks for posting! Hugs, MM
  9. I have no idea but I think it's strange that Neil has been scheduled for Ellen's show twice and then didn't appear either time. Boo!
  10. Thanks for posting this, Melissa, it's a great article...better than many that I have read. Hey, I got that newbie thingie too! LOL!
  11. That's terrific! Only on the computer.
  12. BOO! I hope you like the graffiti I just posted. It's appropriately hideous for the season. LOL! Don't think I'll try that again...very difficult and time consuming. Also, I didn't see an option for adding a picture. Seems the only thing you can do is a doodle.
  13. Okie dokie! Just tried to work with the Graffiti wall again and the main problem I have with it is you can't type--you can only draw with your mouse. I gotta say...I'm very dexterous and I could barely write anything--it was awful. LOL As long as you don't post or save the graffiti you can erase within the box you are drawing in, but it's haphazard. For example, I discovered the backward arrow could erase that last thing you draw, but it doesn't always. When I tried it for other mistakes it would erase parts of what I had already written, but not the part I had just completed and .I wanted to erase. And the clear button will clear out everything. Personally I probably won't ever use it since there is no fine motor control without a lot of practice and I have other things to spend my time on that are more important than learning how to draw or write with my mouse. So does this mean we won't have any place to chat live?
  14. OK, I'll give it another try...but I'm not hopeful--lol BTW, I like the expansion of the emoticons!
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