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  1. Hi Antonia, what a beautiful review, you wrote it right from the heart. I'm looking forward to see part 2. For me it's just 2 days to go (Amsterdam), then I will experience the same as you did. Thanks for sharing, have a great day. Love & Hugs from Holland, LidwienXXX
  2. Thanks for helping me Estrella, maybe they won't be found. Hugs, Lidwien
  3. I'm looking for some friends from the old SC-site, I can't find them anymore. I'm looking for Laurens from Holland, Diamondflower (Rosa) from Italy, Mary (or Mary-Ann) from Michigan and Suzanna Stroop. I haven't seen theme since the new SC-site. Does anyone know were they are? Thanks for helping me. LidwienXXX
  4. Hi Ben, Great performance, including the chest alert we Diamondgirls love so much . So good to see that younger people enjoys Neil's music. I hope his music will inspire you and brings you succes for the future. Love&Hugs from Holland, LidwienXXX
  5. Thank you Melissa for al the reviews. I'm getting more and more excited, can't wait to see Neil in Amsterdam in June
  6. Thank you Linda for all these articles. It's good to read that Neil is in good shape and that his voice is oké. He's coming to Holland in June. I hope he saves some beautiful noise for the Dutch Diamondheads. Can't wait so see him. Love&Hugs, Lidwien XXX
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