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Hello everyone,
When I first heard that Neil Diamond was going to do a 50th anniversary tour this summer, I decided that I wanted to finally do a tribute album and including a collection of my favorite ND songs (although there are so many to choose from). So over the past six months, I have been recording and mixing my favorite songs in my home studio (using basic backing tracks, and adding lead and backing vocals, additional instrumentation and effects). I have put many, many hours into this endeavor (which by the way is a side project at this time and not for financial gain at all), and it has truly been a labor of love!! I am still writing and recording my own songs and hope to release those in the coming months ahead. So please check out the ND songs, which I have posted on my YouTube Channel at:
Let me know what you think!
Meanwhile, I will be celebrating my wedding anniversary on June 9th at the Royal Farms area in Baltimore with...NEIL DIAMOND! Third row tickets in the center on the floor. What a magical night this will be...I can't wait.
Thank you all for your continued support as I continue to write, record and perform, and ultimately follow my heart and pursue my dreams in music!!!
Adam Randy :)

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