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NEIL DIAMOND - 50th ANNIVERSARY (1967 - 2017)

A tribute to the life and times of Neil Diamond, a giant in the music industry, as he celebrates his 50 years as a singer/songwriter. Diamond an inspirational, unique and gifted human being, through those 50 years have carried the hopes, dreams, love and unmatched devotion of his fans worldwide; a true Icon.

This is one for the True Believers…

Neil Diamond has announced his 50th Anniversary World Tour this year, commencing on April 7 at Fresno, California.

50th Anniversary World Tour Dates -

The song:
“It is a cautionary word of encouragement to my musical descendants. It’s my life and times in a song. And it’s got a good beat.” – ND

Jeff Barry: New York-based songwriter, recording artist and producer (nè Joel Adelberg).
Ellie Greenwich: New York-based songwriter, recording artist and producer.
Bert Berns: New York-based songwriter, producer and principal of Bang* Records (nè Bertrand Russell Berns).


Hey boy, you got the address
On the street of unknowns
Big man smokin' on a cigar,
Dealin' on the telephone
Hey boy, look out for flimflam
If you wanna go real far
Been there, and I believe
You got to be what you are
In my lifetime, In my lifetime

Hey boy, you look like a million
Hey now, show 'em what you got
Hey boy, what you got to run from?
I'll teach you all that I forgot
In my lifetime, In my lifetime

Hey boy, when you write a rock tune,
You give up a piece of your soul
Stay boy, underneath a rockin' moon
Try before you get too old
Hooray, got yourself a road gig
Any gig's gonna be fine
Okay, you gave up your real life,
And I know why

In my lifetime, I have been there
I have dreamed it
In my lifetime, L - I - F - E
In my T - I - M - E
In my lifetime
(Holly Holy Love) (Shilo when I was young)
In my lifetime, In my lifetime........

Neil Diamond – 1996
Album – In My Lifetime
Doug at Neil Diamond Central did a great job on this creation...beautiful work!
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