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New Neil Diamond Tour Announced

"The 50 Year Anniversary World Tour"

Check this post in the forum for more details.



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  • Diana1
    4 minutes ago

    I wish I woulda got to see Linda after all of our talks! Anyone have a picture of Linda by chance?

  • Gerry-girl shared a photo.
    14 hours 50 minutes ago

    Have a good last part of the week Diamondheads xxx

    Sue Thanks Gerry, I arrived in the Cotswolds this afternoon, it was thick fog! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see the hills. Have a good night. Love, xxx
    14 hours 31 minutes ago 1
  • Niese Kupetz1
    14 hours 52 minutes ago

    If you do not have an American Express card is there any way to get tickets before all the good ones are gone? I would love to VIP tickets if at all possible.

    Melissa B Maybe get a friend who has an AmEx to buy for you? Also, I wouldn't sweat it yet. Most good tickets haven't been released yet.
    13 hours 19 minutes ago
  • Sue shared a photo.
    15 hours 2 minutes ago

    Gerry-girl I keep on dreaming Sue ...always xxx
    14 hours 46 minutes ago 1
  • Sylvia68 shared 2 photos in the My Neil Photos album
    15 hours 50 minutes ago

  • Sylvia68 shared a photo.
    15 hours 52 minutes ago

  • Melissa B
    15 hours 54 minutes ago

    Rolling Stone article about the upcoming tour & some song surprises for the stage: sweetcaroline.com/forums/topic/176-rolling-stone-article-about-the-upcoming-tour-some-song-surprises-for-the-stage/

  • Diana1
    18 hours 31 minutes ago

    Oh Linda, I will always remember our phone calls, and I will miss you very much!

  • Sue shared a photo.

    Dear Linda, you will always be remembered. RIP my friend.

  • Melissa B

    Very sad news about one of our members: sweetcaroline.com/forums/topic/175-it-is-with-a-heavy-heart-that-i-post-this-news-about-linda-kelley/

  • Suzanne Stroop
    2 days ago

    After three long years, I finished writing that book. Below are the final words of Sarah's story.

  • Suzanne Stroop
    2 days ago

    “And if fate allows, then together you and I will find a way to do this once again...just one more time again.”

    My dream came true…and now I believe in past and present finding each other somehow. I believe in magic, especially when it has to do with the heart.

  • Cherry M added a video.
    2 days ago
    Cherry M Obviously Neil was too hot for Youtube!!
    2 days ago 1
  • Teena jabbar
    2 days ago

    Hoping Neil will visit Australia again on his 50th event.Cheers all.

  • sc4diamond is friends with Michael Anderson
  • Cherry M shared a photo.
    3 days ago

    Sue Sue, I'd Love to get "Confused" with Neil.....it would be quite easy to lose my mind!!!! Lol xxx
    2 days ago
  • Cherry M is friends with Suzanne Stroop
  • Sue is friends with Suzanne Stroop
  • Suzanne Stroop shared a photo.
    4 days ago


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